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Water Bottle Labels for Weddings


Your wedding day is a symphony of love, laughter, and memories crafted meticulously. Every detail whispers your unique story, from the meticulously chosen blooms to the heart-pounding vows. But amidst the whirlwind of confetti and champagne toasts, water’s one often overlooked element that can elevate your celebration. And not just any water, but sparkling refreshments adorned with the magic of wedding water bottle labels.

Create Custom Wedding Water Bottle Labels

How to Make Labels for Water Bottles for Weddings

Wedding water bottle labels are more than a practical solution to quench thirst. They’re a canvas for your creativity, transforming ordinary bottles into charming keepsakes that tell your love story one sip at a time. But beyond their aesthetic allure, these vibrant labels offer a multitude of benefits, weaving their magic throughout your wedding journey:

  • Bridal Showers: Let the bubbly anticipation of your big day overflow with custom-labeled water at your bridal shower. Playful designs featuring your new monogram or a cheeky “Bridesmaid Squad” slogan set the tone for a joyous celebration.
  • Rehearsal Dinners: As pre-wedding jitters dance, calm your nerves and cool your guests with elegant wedding water bottle labels reflecting your wedding theme. Imagine sleek black bottles adorned with shimmering gold calligraphy, adding a touch of sophistication to the rehearsal dinner.
  • The Ceremony: Elevate your aisle decor with personalized water bottles nestled gracefully amongst your floral arrangements. Imagine guests reaching for these unique keepsakes as they witness your vows, forever etching this special moment in their memories.
  • Reception Revelry: Let the dance floor erupt with joy as guests sip from vibrant bottles showcasing your name and wedding date. Choose playful designs that match your color palette, or opt for timeless elegance with classic fonts and delicate flourishes.
  • Farewell Favors: Send your guests a sweet reminder of your special day. Wrap tiny bottles in charming labels expressing your gratitude and leaving a tangible token of your love story.

Create Custom Wedding Water Bottle Labels

The beauty of wedding water bottle labels lies in their endless possibilities. Unleash your inner artist and craft a masterpiece that reflects your unique style and love story:

  • Design with Devotion: Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors, fonts, and graphic elements. Opt for minimalist chic with your names intertwined in graceful script, or embrace your playful side with quirky illustrations and humorous phrases.
  • Let Love Lead the Way: Incorporate cherished themes about your relationship. Every detail can tell a chapter of your love story, from rustic botanical motifs to vintage travel stamps.
  • Photo Finish: Elevate your labels with a touch of personality! Add a picture of you and your partner, your favorite quote, or a special message that resonates with your guests.
  • Get Crafty: Don’t be afraid to go beyond the digital realm! Hand-painted designs, embossed lettering, or even delicate glitter accents can add a unique dimension to your labels.

Beyond the Label: Unveiling the Bottled Bliss

At OK Bottling, we understand your wedding deserves water as extraordinary as your love. We pair our customizable labels with the finest Oklahoma spring water. Each sip is a testament to nature’s purity, ensuring guests enjoy the most refreshing experience.

What Size Should Water Bottle Labels Be?

The perfect size for wedding water bottle labels for your wedding depends on your bottle, coverage preference, and design. Common 16oz bottles usually fit a 2″ x 8.5″ label for a full wrap. In contrast, smaller bottles or partial wraps need narrower sizes. Consider ordering sample packs to test them on your bottles, and prioritize readability with enough space for text and graphics. Ultimately, choose a size that complements your design and elevates your wedding celebration with every refreshing sip!

Design Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Wedding Water Bottle Labels Sayings

Romantic & Chic:

  • “Cheers to our new beginning!”
  • “Sealed with a kiss (and a water bottle cap).”
  • “Let’s drink to forever.”

Punny & Playful:

  • “Got you bottled up in love.”
  • “Hydrate to celebrate!”
  • “We’re popping bottles… of water.”

Inspirational & Heartfelt:

  • “May your love story be as cool and refreshing as this water.”
  • “Cheers to finding your perfect match.”
  • “Love is sweet, pure, and always hydrating.”
  • “To new beginnings and endless possibilities.”


  • Include your wedding date or names for a personal touch.
  • Use your wedding hashtag to encourage social media sharing.
  • Add a quirky inside joke only you and your partner understand.
  • Incorporate the theme of your wedding for a cohesive look.

From Design to Delivery – A Stress-Free Journey:

Leave the logistics to us! Sit back as we bring your vision to life. We handle everything, from high-quality printing to convenient delivery to your doorstep.

More Than Just Water – Memories Etched in Every Sip:

Wedding water bottle labels are more than just a refreshing drink; they’re an experience. They’re the clinking of glasses as joy erupts on the dance floor, the whispered stories shared between sips, and the cherished keepsakes tucked away on shelves long after the confetti has settled.

Ready to Uncork Romance?

Visit OK Bottling today and embark on your journey to creating stunning wedding water bottle labels. Let us help you weave a web of personalized refreshments, etching your love story in every sip and sending your guests home with a taste of pure magic. Remember, your big day deserves a finale as unique as your love – make it unforgettable with OK Bottling!

Wedding Water Bottle Label Design and Delivery

OK Bottling specializes in servicing local businesses through water bottle branding with custom water bottles and custom water bottle labels to enhance customer experience. Based in Tulsa for over 25 years, OK Bottling provides quick turnaround on high-quality water for special events like weddings or graduations, creating the best customer experience in industries like hotels, casinos, banking, car dealerships, colleges, hospitals and clinics, spas, clubs, and more! With fast delivery and affordable pricing, our custom water bottles are perfect for any business or event. Contact us today and take your branding to the next level!