Promotional Water Bottles

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Buy Promotional Water Bottles in Bulk for Casino OK Bottling


Promotional Water Bottles


Your company needs every advantage in today’s competitive business market to stand out to potential customers. While new technology has made it easier to spread the word about your company through social media posts and regular website updates, some traditional marketing methods have a proven track record of increasing sales.

Promotional water bottles place your company’s logo directly into your customers’ hands, which increases brand awareness and immediately leaves a good impression about your company. Our team at OK Bottling loves helping companies create unique branded labels and generate a positive reputation for their company in the community. From increasing brand awareness for businesses ranging from hotels to software development companies, here are some ways that businesses across all industries can benefit from branded water bottling.

Water Bottle Marketing Ideas

When you’re ready to see sales pouring in, it’s easy to overlook some of the most practical marketing strategies. Water is necessary for everyone to live a healthy and happy life, which makes it easy to include custom bottles in your company’s line of promotional products. Check out these fun ways to use promotional water bottles in your next marketing campaign.

Promotional Water Bottles for Business OK Bottling

Distribute Branded Bottles at Events and Giveaways

Imagine how thankful people feel for access to fresh water during special events, especially during the summer heat. Branded bottles convey that your company cares about everyone’s comfort and safety. Plus, the recipients will take the custom water bottles home and be reminded of your company.

Show Your Employees Appreciation

Companies can also use promotional water bottles to show appreciation to employees. Stocking your company’s break rooms with promotional water bottles gives your employees a quick way to grab a drink. You can be that they’ll take the bottles with them out in public, where others will notice the branding.

Collaborate In Marketing Partnerships

Forming marketing partnerships is an effective way to increase your company’s ROI on advertising. Yet, figuring out how your company can contribute to the partnership is sometimes hard. Water bottles are easy for other companies to keep in stock for free giveaways, like gift bags. For instance, your gym might partner with a local health spa to offer water bottles to customers to expand brand awareness to a target audience interested in wellness.

Use Bottles as Prizes In Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves winning a prize or getting something for free. Water is hypoallergenic and useful to everyone, making it perfect for offering prizes at special events with diverse attendees. To increase interest, you can also include promotional water bottles in family and community events.

Whether you want to put your family’s name on water bottles for an upcoming reunion or are hosting a neighborhood block party, OK Bottling has options for adding a personal touch to your giveaways.

Benefit From Using Customized Water Bottles for Hotels

Providing excellent customer service is a major priority for hotels and other hospitality companies. At OK Bottling, we always know what it means to strive to give your company’s customers the best. Plastic water bottles with your logo on them are perfect for giving to customers when they check in or you can use the customized beverages as a thank-you when people leave. You’ll benefit from including our water bottles in your business plan.

Increase Brand Awareness

The hotel industry is highly competitive. New businesses are especially susceptible to failure during the first year if they don’t successfully increase brand awareness. Fortunately, branding bottling is a simple way to get your hotel’s name and logo out in the general community. Water bottles are versatile marketing products your hotel can hand out at the door, place in the gym, offer at hotel events, or use in places inside the hotel, such as restaurants or casinos, to spread the word about your company.

Promote Repeat Business

Hotel guests enjoy returning to places that offer them high service and positive memories. Giving your customers a to-go bottle of water makes them feel cared for, and they’ll walk away with a sense of satisfaction that makes them want to return. The best part is that many customers return with friends or extended family members who become additional regular guests.

Customized Promotional Water Bottles for Restaurants

Upselling is an effective method your business can use to boost sales with existing customers. If your restaurant offers catering, your customers will also be happy to purchase cases of water bottles to include at their event. Putting your branded bottles out on your customers’ event tables highlights the excellent food and service your restaurant provides. Being able to upsell products and advertise simultaneously is a win-win situation for any restaurant.

Promotional Water Bottles with Logo

Your business may already use generic water bottles as amenities for its guests or employees. But, you could miss out on a major marketing opportunity if you ignore the chance to put your company logo directly into prospective customers’ hands.

Choosing to include your business logo on the labels offers these exciting benefits:

  • Expand brand visibility
  • Spark conversations
  • Use a cost-effective marketing tool

Save On Marketing By Buying Promotional Water Bottles In Bulk

Buying promotional bottles of water in bulk is one of the best ways to meet marketing needs. Our team helps companies plan the right amount of branded bottles for events, so you never have to worry about running out or having an overstock.

Purchasing bulk water bottles also helps ensure that the branding stays consistent. Working with our company means you will always see the same high-quality branding elements on each bottle, creating a unified brand across your company’s marketing channels.

Improve Branding With Custom Branded Water Bottles

OK Bottling can’t offer personalization with pictures due to the limitations of our customization process. Still, we encourage you to consider using custom designs for your promotional water bottles. We can help you create unique, eye-catching designs incorporating your company’s brand logo and your preferred colors and slogans for a truly personalized marketing campaign.

Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Our Promotional Water Bottles

When you’re looking for new marketing campaign strategies, you don’t have to look any further for one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness, inspire conversations about your company, and bring in new customers and repeat business.

OK Bottling is committed to providing high-quality, customized plastic water bottles to businesses in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We also have a nationwide reach for promotional water bottles to companies outside our area. Reach out to a team member today to create personalized labels that get your company’s target audience’s attention and receive a free quote on your order.

OK Bottling specializes in servicing local businesses through water bottle branding with custom water bottles and custom water bottle labels to enhance customer experience. Based in Tulsa for over 25 years, OK Bottling provides quick turnaround on high-quality water for special events like weddings or graduations, creating the best customer experience in industries like hotels, casinos, banking, car dealerships, colleges, hospitals and clinics, spas, clubs, and more! With fast delivery and affordable pricing, our custom water bottles are perfect for any business or event. Contact us today and take your branding to the next level!